The Tuscany Maremma

Maremma is a vast and difficult to define boundaries that overlooks the Tyrrhenian Sea.
Conventionally, the Maremma region is divided into four areas:

The Maremma of Livorno and Maremma of Pisa, also known as the Maremma or Northern Maremma, affects much of the province of Livorno foot of hills and some areas of the province of Pisa, which extend in the north along the coast and the hinterland between Rosignano Piombino, including the foothills of the hill Val di Cecina Val di Cornia and the north-western side of the Metalliferous Hills. Among the main towns of the area include Rosignano Maritime Cecina, Riparbella Montescudaio, Guardistallo Casale Marittimo, Bibbona Bolgheri, Castagneto Carducci Campiglia Marittima Suvereto, St. Vincent Populonia and Piombino.
The entire territory, historically called Maremma of Pisa, because the ancient rule of the Republic of Pisa, with the passage of years has been subdivided into two entities, which coincide with administrative boundaries created in 1925 for the provinces, although geographically uniform.
The Maremma (formerly Maremma Siena), or Maremma as such: the central part, in the province of Grosseto (Tuscany), along the coast between the Gulf of Follonica and the mouth of the river which flows Chiarone the sea south of the promontory of 'Argentario also includes the lower valley Ombrone.
Generally, the name is locally extended to inland hilly areas, geographically does not include the Maremma, such as Metalliferous Hills Grosseto, Hills Albegna and Fiora and Area del Tufo, up to end of front of the large area of ​​the heights of Monte Amiata. Among the most popular destinations Grosseto, Follonica Castiglione della Pescaia and Orbetello, as well as Massa Marittima that has the old town area of Metalliferous Hills but a good part of the municipality

The Maremma of Lazio that represents the southern part and extends to the west of the province of Viterbo and the north-west of the province of Rome, along the coast of Lazio and in the immediate hinterland of Tuscia, between the mouth of the river and head Chiarone Linaro.
Among the most popular destinations in the area stand out volcano Montalto di Castro Canine, Tarquinia Tuscania, Civitavecchia and Santa Marinella.



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Natural Park

    The Maremma Natural Park, also known as dell'Uccellina Park, covers an area that includes the towns of Grosseto, Magliano in Toscana and Orbetello. Its great extension allows you to enjoy a variety of environments, with fauna and different vegetation. from the wetlands of the coast, populated by mallard, wild goose, the curlew and many other birds typical of wetlands, is passed to the vast pine forests, the Mediterranean , reaching up to the mountains where they live undisturbed foxes, weasels, wild boars, deer and roe deer. Ben 7 nature trails allow you to visit this park and for the variety of fauna and flora and the beauty of its landscapes each year attracts thousands of visitors.

    The Museums

      See all the museums in the province of Grosseto

      Museums in Arcidosso
      exhibition section of the study center david Lazzeretti

      Museums in Castiglione della Pescaia
      civic archaeological museum Isidoro Falchi and archaeological area

      Museums in Cinigiano
      house museum of Monticello Amiata

      Museums in Follonica
      iron museum and the iron
      municipal art gallery Amedeo Modigliani

      Maremma Vineyards

        Land kissed by the sun, lapped by gentle sea currents or the fresh mountain winds, The Tuscany Maremma has had an extraordinary wine development which allows it to offer the consumer enthusiast a wide range of DOC and DOCG wines.
        from the Morellino di Scansano to Sassicaia, from Monteregio of Massa Marittima to Bianco di Pitigliano and Sovana of the hills of Tufo, the Montecucco dall'Ansonica Argentario and Capalbio, this large and well-known range of Maremma wines has given rise to real its Wine Routes.

        Holidays in Maremma

          Everyone has heard at least once, to talk about Maremma and know that ... more or less ... The Tuscany Maremma is located in Tuscany and ... more or less ... in the province of Grosseto but actually the term refers a geographical area much wider, rich in history, culture and traditions: discover it together!

          To know and understand a territory we can from its nome.Maremma comes from the Latin "maritima", in fact Maritima Regio was the name by which, during the Carolingian period, was identified the coastal part of the Grosseto area .
          but it could also find its roots in the Castilian term "marismas" meaning marsh the Tuscany Maremma and in fact it is a large area that goes from the hinterland to the sea and which for millennia has been subject to ' waterlogging, due to the presence of dunes that hindered the flow of rivers.

          Maremma Natural Parks

          Natural Parks

          The Museum of Tuscany Maremma

          The Museums

          Wineyards Maremma


          Holidays in Maremma

          Holidays in Maremma

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