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Holidays in Maremma

Everyone has heard at least once, to talk about Maremma and know that ... more or less ... the Maremma located in Tuscany and ... more or less ... in the province of Grosseto but actually the term refers to a geographical area much larger, full of history , culture and traditions: discover it together!

To know and understand a territory we can from its name.
Maremma comes from the Latin "maritima", in fact Maritima Regio was the name by which, during the Carolingian period, was identified the coastal part of the Grosseto area.
But it could also find its roots in the Castilian term "marismas" which means swamp, and in fact Maremma is a large area that goes from the hinterland to the sea and which for millennia has been subject to the swamping, due to the presence of dunes that hindered the flow of rivers.
In fact, major reclamation works were needed to eradicate malaria and make this area covered with forests and marshes, as also noted in Dante's Inferno, a fascinating land for its beauty and wealth of landscapes.

Even an old folk song " Maremma bitter ", written during the period when they began the first reclamation, testifies to the harshness of life in this rugged and inhospitable territory.

But poverty and malaria were not the only problems for these oppressed peoples for centuries even by scorrerrie robbers who raged up to the 800.

& Quot; .. Towns wild, dark journey exposed to the bandits and robbers ... "I indeed called Giovanni Sercambi in '400!

Today, it reclaimed the area and defeat malaria, Maremma is a land in some still wild and untouched, of great interest, rich in history and culture.

But what is the best season to visit the Maremma?
When would the atmospheric brightness, vegetation and human labor make the spectacular scenery?
Not the spring with its mild climate and relaxing but unexpectedly ... summer!
The hot summer Maremma!
The summer heat, without nuvolaglie and humidity, makes it even more clear profiles of the landscape.
From the pine forests of the coasts to the humps of mountains, from the boundless field to colored silhouettes of castles, all the contours appear more vivid and defined extolling the colors from green to cobalt sea of ​​wild spots, pink ocher of the plains of the old houses farmhouses, lead the eye through a natural pictorial palette.
The green of the pine, undisputed ruler of the shoreline, characterizes the Mediterranean and is a true hallmark ... almost a "trademark" of the Maremma coast replacing, as they we enter into the interior, to the cypress.
From strawberry to mastic, from juniper with myrtle, the scents of this earth mingle with the salty sea, and lead the visitor to the woods of holm oak and cork that dominate the interior.
Beyond the Mediterranean scrub and forest many are still wild and unspoiled places to find ponds, marshes and large herds of Maremma horses, once assembled by historians Tuscan cowboys.
Only those who are taking the streets under the summer heat wave can be said to have known the true face of Maremma!
wild and spectacular, magical and enchanting!


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